Since establishement in 1983 the institute has been the biggest provider of CE (continuing education) in the country and has offered ambitous courses and certificate programs at academic level. Number of courses and participants have grown year by year. Around 400 short courses and study programs are held yearly with more than 12.000 participants.

There is a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend courses and subjects range from vocational refresher and update courses, personal development to general interest courses in languages, literature, philosophy, the Icelandic sagas, geography and history among others. 

The institute has a close cooperation with a variety organisations outside the University as with employers' federations, enterprises and research and cultural institutions. Thus the institute works actively in bringing together the academic and the professional fields with the aim of improving the educational level for adults.

The CE-institute is self-financed. Participants pay tuition fees in accordance to the length and the cost of the course. A number of experienced project-leaders and administrators organize courses and supply teachers and participants with service. The institute has in recent years placed increased emphasis on offering longer courses and programmes ranging from 1-3 semesters. 

The institute is situated in the University area in a building with a modern auditorium, four big session rooms and offices.